Why Monday Motorbikes?

We called ourselves Monday Motorbikes because we were founded in a garage in San Francisco on a Monday. For us, Monday means the start of a new adventure, new possibilities, and pushing new boundaries.

When we launched our company (originally called “Bolt Motorbikes”) we were the first company to ever bring to market an electric motorbike with no license or registration requirement. We called our creations “Motor Bikes” for two reasons; as an homage to the term commonly used in Europe and because we see our designs as the combination of a motorcycle and bicycle. Our goal was simple, create electric motorbikes with the thrill of a motorcycle and the approachability of a bicycle.

What Monday is about?

Our Mission is to have more people enjoy the fun and thrill of uniquely designed sustainable rides. We envision a lineup of bikes that can fit a variety of needs in order to help reshape urban and mid to short distance transportation.

Over the years we created 7 Generations of our iconic electric motorbikes. Today, we go beyond our original vision by offering more unique electric motorbikes as well as giving back to our community and environment. Our company has a commitment to the planet we live on. When you purchase a bike, we plant a tree on your behalf and provide you with a locator to see where that tree is planted anywhere in the world. We also work with 4Ocean and Lonely Whale by donating to conserve our oceans by cleaning up plastics and other pollutants from the ocean.

So join us, in our journey to redefine urban landscapes while giving back to the planet that takes care of us all. Here is who we donate to every year! 

Lonely Whale Foundation Logo

Lonely Whale: Working with partners to develop data-driven campaigns that address systems issues and reconnect us to each other,  encouraging behavior change away from single-use plastic and toward a healthy, thriving ocean.

Learn More
One Tree Planted Logo

One Tree Planted: Dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world. All by planting trees!

Learn More
4Ocean Logo

4Oceans: “Here to clean the ocean and coastlines while working to stop the inflow of plastic by changing consumption habits.”

Learn More

Our Values

Passion: We are a very diverse team who all share common passion for creating, riding, and protecting our environment.

Unique Design: Each of our bikes is designed from the ground up to embody an American and European style while encompassing the newest rider technologies and innovations.

Environmental Sustainability: Our team knows that riding motorbikes creates a special bond with the outdoors. Whether it’s the sounds of the busy city streets of Los Angeles or the quiet serene wooded areas in Portland, we believe that being on two wheels brings you closer to your environment. When you buy any Monday Motorbike, we plant a tree on your behalf and provide you with a locator to see where it is on this beautiful planet of ours. 

The Executive Team

Christian Okonsky
Executive Chairman

Current & Prior Experiences
  • Founder and Executive Director of Sustainability Initiatives (SI)
  • Founder, CEO and Chairman, Ayro Inc..
  • Mechanical Engineer, Dell Corporation

    Bruce Riggs
    Chief Operating Officer

    Current & Prior Experience:
    • Principal, Intechmia LLC.
    • COO, Ayro Inc.
    • SVP & COO, Compal Electronics, Smart Device Group
    • SVP & GM, Quanta Computer

    Josh Rasmussen
    Co-founder & CMO

    Prior Experience:
    • Co-Founder & COO, Zipkick Inc.
    • Director of Business Development, KLDiscovery Digital Forensics
    • Sales Management, Chevrolet

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