Ride Further On A Monday

With Industry Leading Range Get More Done On A Monday
  • Crush your to-do list
  • Indulge your caffeine fix
  • Joyride with the squad
  • Quick client visit - "Oh, I was just in the area..." Nailed it.
  • Celebratory burritos
  • Stock up on farmer's market produce
  • Visit your mom
  • Hit the gym
  • Catch 'em all
  • Pick up your boyfriend or girlfriend (or both)
  • Netflix & chill while your battery recharges
  • Repeat

What Monday Motorbikes is about

Founded out of a garage by 3 friends on a Monday in 2015, we created the first electric motorbike that had the stylings of American and European cafe racers of old and the technology of tomorrow. Our goal was to create an electric motorbike that was fun to ride, easy to use, good for the environment, and as thrilling as a motorcycle - with no license or registration required.

When You Get, We Give Back!

With every motorbike ordered, we donate to:


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