Gateway - Road & Trail

Gateway 750W - the modern electric moped. Our patented design uses a 750W motor in a cast aluminum wheel: Powerful, lightweight and IP66 water-resistant. Gateway has a full suspension, hydraulic brakes and a
48V x 20Ah battery. Gateway - in the bike lane, around the lake, camp site or on the trail.

ANZA - Campus Commuter

Anza 500S & 750S are well configured from the start:
Powerful BLDC motors, 14Ah x 48V battery, twist grip
throttle, padded seat, CST Tourance tires, handlebar risers, headlight, taillight, brake light and reflectors all around. Mondays are configure-to-order and you can build your ANZA to match your style. Speed to 28MPH and 30+ miles of range. Get there!

Torrey - Community Cruiser

Torrey is our step-through Cafe Racer. Full front and rear suspension with adjustable pre-loads to tune the springs to your comfort. Torrey offers spoked wheels, a long padded saddle, a powerful headlight and taillight plus reflectors all around. Torrey also supports popular trailers to get your groceries home, sports equipment to practice and kids to the park. The Torrey is a 750W bike with a high capacity 48V x 14Ah and an optional x 17.5 Ah battery. Ruggedly built, easy to ride and easy to handle weekday rides and weekend exporation

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