About Us

Cody Riding Presidio Motorbike - Monday Motorbikes

Why Monday Motorbikes?

The Monday Motorbikes team brought you the first lithium powered electric motorbikes that do not need a license or registration to ride. Today we build our most advanced, fun, and easy-to-use electric bikes. By riding with us, we are committed  to providing you with the best rides and biggest smiles from the moment sit on your bike.


Our Promise to You

Monday Motorbikes strives to bring you the best customer experience combined with the most innovative, reliable, and convenient rides. Our team of experts is here to help you!

ANZA Motorbike In The Wild - Monday Motorbikes


Riding Presidio - Monday Motorbikes

Our Values

Innovation: Drive innovation with everything we do.

Reliability: Build strong products and processes to offer the best customer experiences.

Ingenuity: Advance the sustainable micro mobility technology with unique, helpful, and easy-to-use solutions. 

Rider Focused: As two-wheeled enthusiasts, ranging from motorcycles to scooters, we strive to create bikes that we would love to ride as well.

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