Patented drivetrain
  • Cross-over drive: independent pedal and motor drive
  • No gears to shift
  • No clutch to grab
  • Twist and go: Ultra-low maintenance lets you spend more time riding and less time maintaining
Patented Lithium ion battery
  • Quick release batteries: no tools or keys needed
  • Up to 50 mile range
  • 100% serviceable
  • 100% recyclable
Brushless DC motor with one moving part – No-maintenance
Regenerative braking
  • Every time you slow down, you put energy back into the batteries so you can ride farther
Intuitive dash
  • Efficiency display provides real time feedback on power consumption
  • Keyless entry with user-programmable password – never fumble or lose your keys again
  • USB port to charge any device
  • Switch between Sport and Economy Modes with the push of a button
Low Maintenance
  • No oil to change, ever
  • No spark plugs
  • Unlike your car, your brake pads can last for life thanks to regenerative braking.
Bluetooth-enabled and connects with your smartphone
  • Mobile app and mount
  • Provides an enhanced dash experience and remote wireless unlock
  • Cloud-connected
  • Track ride metrics
  • remotely program the M1’s performance, top speed and geo-fence

With the M1, the world’s first crossover motorbike, you get the best of both! Excitement and Convenience, Speed and Efficiency, Stamina and Style