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The GEN7 ships within 2-7 business days. (Sold out)

GEN7 Motorbike

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VENDOR: Monday Motorbikes


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Expected Delivery Date:

The GEN7 ships within 2-7 business days. (Sold out)

Top Speed

Top Speed:

Econ Mode: 20 mph (750W)

Sport Mode: 45 mph (5500W)



72V, 31.2Ah


Charge time:

5 hours



Up to 100 miles



170 lbs.

See GEN7 Motorbike In Action:

Check out what our customers say:

"I'm an everyday rider; at least 20-30 miles daily. The GEN7 is a monster with plenty of torque for my hill climbs and enough battery to ensure I make it to my destination and then some. My GEN7 has been life changing for the better, is a ton of fun to ride and personalize! You guys created a serious head turner and it has really changed how I view transportation going into the future. I think when more people start to realize how convenient and efficient these bikes are... it's only a matter of time!"

Kyle G., Los Angeles, CA

"These bikes have great acceleration and maneuverability. Going to work or the store is more convenient than ever."

Preston W., Globe, AZ

"From the buzz of the motor to the rush of a takeoff from a red light. Nothing beats the rush of riding my GEN7."

Mikey D., Los Angeles, CA

Mid-Drive Brushless DC Permanent Magnet Motor/Patented Drive Train

The GEN7 uses a mid-drive motor positioned between the pedals, to help to keep the center of gravity in the center of the bike, providing better directional and tracking stability compared to hub motors, especially at higher speeds. Mid-drive motors are known for higher performance and torque. Mid-drive motors are designed to make maintenance and service extremely easy: a GEN7 rear wheel can be replaced without affecting the motor, and vice versa. The placement of the motor in the center instead of traditional placement in the rear wheel decreases the amount of unsprung mass, which delivers performance and ensures that the ride on the GEN7 is extremely smooth and unlike anything else out there

RFID Key Fob Activation

For added security, we have transitioned out of the “passcode” activation of the previous iterations and into RFID key fob activation. No more “passcodes” to create and memorize, just tap the key fob to the sensor on the “tank” of your GEN7, and you are good to go! Key fobs are unique to each bike--i.e., no one will be able to use their key fobs to activate another GEN7.The key fob is also used to open and lock the battery compartment, so the rider can rest assured that only they have access to the battery.

Monday Motorbikes Signature Headlight plus Turn Signal Lights

Safety has to be a key factor in design--that includes seeing where you are going and being seen during your ride. Whether it is day or night the Monday Motorbikes signature LED headlight has a tremendous amount of illumination. Whether you are on-road, off-road, day, or night you can rest assured you will be seen just as easily as you can see where you are going. Unlike most e-bikes, the GEN7 is also equipped with LED turn signals, in the front (flanking the headlight) as well as in the back (built into the tail light) to allow the rider to visually warn the traffic around them when they’re about to take a turn or changing lanes; a brake light (built into the tail light, as well) will warn any driver or rider behind you that you are slowing down or about to stop.

High Performance Batteries

Monday Motorbikes builds our GEN7 batteries in house from the cellular level up, ensuring great quality and performance. The GEN7 batteries are built to last and rated at 2,000 cycles, which comes out to 5-8 years worth of use before reaching 80% of its original capacity.

Removable Battery

The GEN7 has an on-bike charging port, which means there is no need for a rider to take their battery out because they can charge it while it is on the bike, but in cases where they need to charge their battery elsewhere (e.g., inside the office, at a coffee shop, etc.), the GEN7’s battery is completely removable and can be charged while it is off the bike.

Regenerative Braking (Rear)

Unlike most of our competitors’ bikes, the GEN7 has regenerative braking just like a Tesla. Every time you are off the throttle or engaging the rear brake, you are putting energy back into the batteries to make your range even longer. This also reduces wear and tear on the rear and front brake pads.

Extra Low Maintenance

The motor only has one moving part, there's no clutch or gear, no oil to change, no brake fluids to drain, no gas to pump, no timing belts and no brakes to replace (regenerative braking essentially makes your brakes last for life). The rider just needs to make sure their chain is in good shape, they have optimal PSI on their tires, and they'll be riding for years. The assumed cost of ownership (including charging) is less than $100 dollars a year.

Extended Seat

The GEN7’s seat is 19” long, so it’s perfect for riding two-up.

Motorbike Specs





One year Tip-to-Tail
Frame Steel


Midnight Black


Mid-Drive Motor (10KW Peak Output): Econ Mode (Class 2 eBike): 750W; Sport Mode (Off-road): 5,500W
Top Speed Econ Mode: 20 mph; Sport Mode: 45 mph (Off-road use only)
Battery 72V, 38.4Ah
Weight 170 lbs (w/battery)
145 lbs (w/o battery)
Rims 17" Mag Wheels
Tires 17" X 2.5" Street
Inner Tubes 17 x 2.5", 1.5mm, Straight Steel Valve
Front Brakes 240*4mm Disc Brake, Double Plungers Pump
Rear Brakes Dia: 90mm Drum Brake
Front Suspension Hydraulic Dual Piston, 80mm Travel, 30mm Stanchions
Rear Suspension Swing Arm with Dual Shock & Coil Spring Suspension, 80mm Travel
Display Custom MM Round LCD
Information Displayed Current Speed, Battery life, Acceleration
DC/DC Converter 72V to 12V (120W)
Headlight 12V, 15W LED with Blue Halo
Tail Light Tail Light 12V, 0.5W with Integrated Turn Signals and Brake Light
Turn Signals

Front and Rear


12v, 480Hz Disc Horn


6.0 A (5-Hour Charge)


Full Twist Throttle

Pedal Assist

No Pedal Assist


Single Speed

Chain Tensioner Yes
Seat Fits 2,
Optional Passenger Pegs
Seat Height 27"
Upgrades Mirrors, Passenger Pegs, Tires
Weight Limit



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