Best Place to Work in San Francisco: 

Monday Motorbikes is revolutionizing the commuting experience, and giving style to sustainability. Behind the most technologically advanced two wheeler on the road is a team of bright, passionate, and ambitious people. People resolved to change urban transportation for the better. They love what they do, and they’re willing to do what it takes to become successful.


The team is a group of close-knit people who enjoy each other’s company and riding anything on two wheels. They’re optimistic and committed to quality work. When self-teaching and problem solving aren’t enough to tackle the problem at hand, their team members are informative and supportive. At Monday Motorbikes, they don’t just have a place to work, they have a place you can feel at home.

Love what you do and be surrounded by people, who love what they do.


Monday Motorbikes is centered on environmental sustainability; they’re helping the move towards sustainable vehicles gain momentum. The M1 is in the foreground as a desirable, affordable, and low-barrier entry to this movement. The company is building the most technologically advanced two-wheeler on the road and it was designed for urban commuting. The team is passionate about riding two-wheelers and sharing that thrill with the masses. The M1 is built to bridge the gap between bicycle and motorcycle riders.

Don’t just have a passion, have a purpose.


Those who take pride in their work and in it’s impact will feel at home at Monday Motorbikes. The M1 has been in development for over 6 years. The battery’s unique design is patented. Monday Motorbikes has gained positive recognition by CNN Money, GQ, and TechCrunch. The M1 Motorbike brightens up early-morning commutes and makes Monday a day to look forward to. It makes transportation exciting after a tiring day. M1 riders experience reanimated senses as they absorb the passing scenery on a gripping ride.

Every bike is made in-house in Brisbane, California, by a small but ambitious team of engineers and technicians. With a backlog of work, their success is due to an ability to be consistent in quality assurance, analytical in diagnosing issues, innovative in solving problems, and efficient in a deadline driven environment. Independent, focused workers, who are both ready to take up responsibility and to ask for assistance when needed, do well.


In a small and collaborative culture, like Monday Motorbikes, everyone is needed; everyone has purpose. In a supportive environment, you are able to grow alongside your company. Start-ups also offer a unique opportunity to define your role or what it could be as your company grows.

The purpose and the people at Monday Motorbikes make the company. The team’s strive and passion for the company’s purpose has driven the quality of the company’s success. On the exterior, the M1 is a well-crafted machine. But at the core is a sustainable design that is revolutionizing urban transportation.

Current Openings

Monday Motorbikes is currently hiring Fabrication Technicians and an Electrical Technician.

Experienced machinists, who are passionate about working with their hands, will recognize the use of a few machines to make the below piece.

Steady, focused hands are needed for the fine-detail work required to make the below PCB.

Monday Motorbikes welcomes interested candidates to learn more about the current openings. Applications are now being accepted for Fabrication Technician and Electrical Technician roles.